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Funding Growth

You've crossed the chasm from concept to commercial validation, congratulations !


Post-revenue, your funding options have increased exponentially, however the investment criteria has also evolved. You probably raised your seed funding based upon the potential of a great product (which it clearly is because people are buying it). Growth investment is much more about a rock solid business strategy, the qualities of the management team and the reliability of your infrastructure and processes when strained by accelerating workload. 

Now that you have something to be judged by, it is imperative that you have thought through and recorded every growth inhibitor on your journey and have fully costed plans to replace every work-around and shortcut with an enterprise class alternative. 

At the Technology Investors Advisory Service we can help you prepare effectively for the commercial and technical due diligence that a VC will conduct to ensure that you present your management skills in the best possible light from the very first meeting. 

The valuation of your company depends, significantly, upon your first impression you present to an investor. Market demand for your product is no longer such a risk factor, but your team's capability to manage growth is still unproven.


Contact Us to find out how we can help you see your business from an investors viewpoint and present your management team as being aware of, and in complete control of the challenges you will face on the growth stage of your journey.

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