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Services for Angels

Seed stage investment can often be as much about the heart as it is about the head. Unlike later funding rounds, there is often very little hard financial evidence to support an investment decision, the  potential of an idea and the passion of the founders are as reliable a guide as hockey stick graphs and disruptively unique selling points.


Seed stage investment is a spread bet, the high returns counterbalanced by the equally high risks, the game play strategy is as much about the ratio of success to failure as it is about any individual investment. Because market factors can determine the outcome as significantly as the product or the people, most Angels run a balanced portfolio across different sectors and industries. With a healthy spread of market risk comes an inevitable dilution of market experience. This is where the services of the Technology Investor's Advisory Service can help. With easy, on demand access to a broad range of niche expertise across a range of technologies, industries and sectors, we can advise both investors and investees on the challenges ahead and the likelihood of navigating a profitable journey forwards.

Weight the dice in your favour with :

Low cost, high level " snapshot" reviews before you short list.

In depth technical due diligence before you invest.

Ongoing, On - Demand access to technology specific expertise.

Keep rolling sixes with technical and commercial interim resources at key stages:

A firm  foundation for growth

A trouble free transition between growth stages

A rescue and recovery service to turn around under-performing investments.

One Service

Whether the expertise you require comes from our in house team or from some of our carefully curated community of Associate Consultants representing a broad set of very niche technologists,  the due diligence methodology is highly standardised ensuring that you get a consistent, industry leading service with every engagement, however diverse your portfolio.

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