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Services for VC's & PE Funds

Growth is proof of product viability and market demand, but can often test the technology foundations of a business. Investors in scale up companies are usually institutional rather than individual and have a much greater obligation than their Angel counterparts to ensure the structural stability of their investments at scale. 

Financial and legal due diligence are a pre-requisite, however technical due diligence can often provide an equally valuable insight into a companies readiness to cope with the inevitable stresses and strains of delivering high growth returns whilst maintaining reputation, product and service excellence. 

Commercially, the winning formula has been identified. Structurally, however, the strains from scaling the infrastructure, people and processes that deliver the IT Systems are often unknown and untested.  Inability to scale the business smoothly and seamlessly can be  one of the biggest risk factor in Scale Up investments. The Technical Due Diligence services provided by the Technology Investor's Advisory Service are designed and packaged to let growth stage investors support their clients with preemptive advice and guidance to prevent process bottlenecks and system failures occurring and avoid having to "fire-fight" every growing pain on their journey.

*Forewarning of growth pains and guidance to avoid them.

*Technology stress testing, before something actually breaks.

*Experienced, interim resources across all technology disciplines.

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